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ARENAL Hanging Bridges

The Most Visited Destination In La Fortuna

Tour To The Arenal Hanging Bridges, Volcano View

$75 + taxes FROM PER PERSON _ private tour

Highlights of the arenal Hanging Bridges tour

ARENAL Hanging Bridges Tour

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07:30 am - 02:30 pm


3.5 hours


We pick you at your hotel in Arenal

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Simply put, this is the best rainforest hike near Arenal Volcano. Just 20 minutes from
the town of Fortuna is one of the most important protected areas, where you will
experience a two-mile hike on a family-friendly non-slip concrete trail through dense
jungle in search of wildlife and enjoying stunning views of the Arenal Volcano from
a perspective different from the best hotels in La Fortuna. Along the trail, you will
pass over 15 bridges ranging in length from 16 to 328 feet (5 to 100 meters) and up
to 180 feet (55 meters) in height, these different altitudes from ground level to treetop
they provide contact with a variety of flora and fauna like nowhere else in Arenal.
Small insects, camouflaged birds, snakes and mammals at ground level, colorful
birds, monkeys and sloths in the forest canopy are just some of the many species
that you can find on this magical tour. Along with this contact with wildlife, the
opportunity to listen to the sounds of the forest, the evergreen protected area and
the soft breath of fresh air are in themselves an experience of connecting with our
roots far from the noisy daily routine.

Enjoy the best Tour in Arenal Volcano With Us

Estimate Hours: 2.5 hours
Times: 8 am, 9 am, 10 am, 11 am
Distance: Between 2 km and 3 km
Age: Guided walk for all ages
Include private nature guide and entrance fees. 

Rate per person $65
Private transportation
(extra fee)

Arenal Hanging Bridges Tour,Volcano View.

Estimate Hours: 2.5 hours Times: 9 am, 2pm Distance: Between 1.9 km and 3 km Age: Guided walk for all ages Include private nature guide and entrance fees. 
Rate per Person $70